About SureAliveD

SureAliveD is an effective LVS (Linux Virtual Server) service tester. It is based on epoll and allows you to detect your hosts' state using HTTP, TCP, DNS, exec, and a universal LUA embedded tester. SSL is also supported. Testers are dynamic modules, and you can extend and write your own modules. You can also dynamicaly change the weight or set real states at run-time. Test states are injected into the kernel IPVS table using the ipvssync application. Configuration is highly extensible, so many testing protocols can be implemented easily.

This software was written to replace KeepAlived in checkers part (testing). KeepAlived had some descriptors leak and other more or less annoying bugs, that's why we decided to write SureAliveD - to make sure it works!

SureAliveD produces statistics that You have dreamt of. It is still under heavy development, but we are more than happy since we started using it. It's very light and easy to configure.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us on forum or by mail.

Yours faithfully,

  • Zbigniew [wegorz] KempczyƄski (wegorz at unipro.com.pl)
  • Bartosz [ponury] Ponurkiewicz (bartosz at ponury.net)