New release: 0.9.8 bugfix

Changed: fixed a bug where events for closed fd in epoll caused tester crash in main loop. Now closed fd's are removed from epoll pool. As always new source and debian packages are available at:

Bug fix in IPVS thresholds handling (ver. 0.9.7)

IPVS thresholds uthresh and lthresh attributes weren't properly passed to ipvssync by surealived.

mod_http fixed (ver. 0.9.6)

Minimum response size in 'mod_http' was reduced to 12 bytes to avoid false error when testing real with short http response.
Removed invalid logrotate entry from debian packages and scripts from sources.

ipvssync bugfix - protocol is now correctly tested (ver. 0.9.5)

Network protocol wasn't tested in ipvssync, so invalid changes in IPVS could occur when TCP and UDP virtuals exists on the same IP and port.

Parameters enhancement in mod_lua plus lua RTSP tester in version 0.9.4

New arguments to the mod_lua like virtual name, virtual port, virtual protocol, virtual fwmark, real name, real address, real port, and real testport were added. An RTSP tester that uses the mentioned parameters was added

Notify hooks in 0.9.3 version.

This version contains notify scripting support which are called when specified real minimum number or weight are exceeded. Notify mechanism stores its state in notify.dump file to prevent double notify execution when surealived restart is performed.

SSL bugfix release 0.9.2

In this version we remove a rare bug, in which ssl session to the real server can't be established due to internal ssl error. A full ssl reinitialization is performed in such a case for specified real.

New 0.9.1 release with detailed virtuals / reals statistics

This release prepares surealived for dynamic real weight changes implementation. A new 'connstats' command was added to show how your real servers works. You can use tester attribute stats_samples to define how much samples will influence to connection / response / totaltime average calculations. Up to 20 statistics samples per real server can be kept.

New 0.9.0 release with LUA scripts support!

We know You've been waiting for lua support, so today we bring to you brand new release!


  • log file size can now exceed 2GB
  • LUA scripts support (through module mod_lua) - this new module allows you to write your own testing scripts in LUA 5.1 language. Script interpreter is embedded in SureAliveD so no compilation or fork+exec scenario is needed.

You can download new release Here! If you would like to share your LUA scripts with us, send them to us and we could include them in next release!

New release!


Today we proudly announce new release! New SureAliveD release is: 0.8.9

Updates since last rel:

  • fixed bugs causing compilation errors
  • log format change (added totaltime field)
  • xml parser code cleanup (now it's more intuitive and fits to documentation)
  • documentation update
  • added scripts dir (startup scripts and configs)
  • fixed bug in ipvssync (causing errors when used with delete unmanaged virtuals option)
  • corrected conntime for EXEC tester

 You can download source or Debian packages HERE. Please don't hesitate to give us some feedback. If you have any suggestions please post them in User requests.


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